Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Kris Polizzi Custom Weaving


Kris Polizzi at the Lancaster Show

I met Kris Polizzi a few years ago at Dixon’s Gunmakers Fair and I was struck by her tightly woven straps. Subsequently she joined the Honourable Company of Horners and I have gotten to know her as an active and engaged member as well as a weaver of wonderful straps.

Scott Morrison is a well known horner in our Pacific Northwest and was asked to ruminate about Kris. He submitted this…

As a horn maker, I am always looking for the right strap to complement and complete a project. I have found that Kris Polizzi from Pennsylvania, makes excellent straps that will complete any project.
I first became aware of Kris and her work a year ago at the West Coast Horn Fair in Vancouver, Washington. Kris had donated one of her straps as a raffle prize which I was fortunate enough to win at the banquet on Saturday night. That day I had discussed a custom horn for a friend and when I picked up Kris’ strap I immediately knew that it had to be incorporated into the project. I was impressed with the quality of the strap; it was very well made with a historic looking pattern and would fit well with the project.
My friend participated in the David Thompson Columbia River Brigade this past summer. The brigade was a joint Canada/USA canoe trek commemorating the 200th anniversary of Northwest Company’s explorer David Thompson and his trip down the Columbia River to the Pacific Ocean in 1811. My friend carried the horn with Kris’ strap with him on the brigade and received many favorable comments on it.
When I was working on a French & Indian period engraved and lobed horn, I thought of Kris’ straps. I looked through the patterns on her Facebook page and chose pattern number 61. Kris worked with me on this and wove the strap to the length that I needed. (See Kris’ Facebook page here.)
Kris has over 100 patterns available to choose from with more seemingly everyday and a variety of colors. She is willing to work with the customer and customize the strap to their specifications. Though I have yet to meet Kris in person, I consider her a friend and a great craftsman. You cannot go wrong with her straps.

-Scott Morrison

I agree with Scott totally. I have two of her straps and plan to buy more.

You can find some straps made by Kris for sale on this link.Kris Polizzi Straps


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  1. Lowell Anderson says:

    I have known Krista since she was nine years old and coming to the gun shop where I worked to help her Uncle Bob, our taxidermist, skin squirrels. The quality of her strap work is reflective of a very warm heart and a desire to give value to everything she does. Her straps are exceptional, and so is she!

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