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WW2 Commemorative “Campaign” Horn by Rick Sheets

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Here is a commemorative “campaign” style horn I made as a gift to a WW2 Veteran named Albertie Wall Jr. I have become friends with his grandson Ryan, who is a historic interpreter at Bennett Place State Historic Site in Durham, NC. At the last Memorial Day celebration at the historic site, I met Mr. Wall. He was a staff sergeant and an air policeman with the 81st Tactical Air Wing. He is truly a humble man and is representative of The Greatest Generation. I love these old veterans.

So here is the horn. It is loosely based on the French & Indian War “Lake George” style of powder horns. Of course the dragon is not very period correct, but used in a commemorative, modern-era horn I think it works.  I hope you enjoy my work.

Thanks for reading,
Rick Sheets

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