Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The Ferguson Rifle at King’s Mountain National Military Park

Most of us who have a love of history get cynical at times. We like to think that we are alone in our passion and everyone else is playing computer games or gossiping on their mobile phones and have not a clue or interest in how we became America. After visiting the King’s Mountain National Military Park yesterday, I am so happy I am wrong.

I witnessed a dedicated group the Hesse Kassel Jaeger Korps, who set-up a primitive camp and demonstrated Revolutionary style military life, come together with the Cub Scout Pack 173  out of Harrisburg, NC. The Scouts were well behaved and inquisitive. Out of the few dozen Scouts were there, I am sure the spark was ignited in a few to learn more of history and maybe even eventually learn about black powder.

King’s Mountain is famous for the battle where the British officer, Major Patrick Ferguson was fatally shot by several over the mountain, Scots- Irish using long rifles. Of course, Major Ferguson is most known for his breech loading flintlock rifle (which was not used at the Battle of King’s Mountain). The museum at the park has a wonderful display and explanation of Ferguson’s rifle. Additionally, this weekend had a very special firing demonstration of the gun.

Ricky Roberts, one of the reenactors, brought his Ferguson Rifle and provided a good demonstration of the gun’s reputation as being the first “assault rifle.” Here is a video of Ricky shooting a timed fire exercise and being cheered on by Cub Scout Pack 173.

UPDATE February 2012.
I am pleased to announce that the definitive book on the Ferguson rifle is now available from Ricky Roberts and Bryan Brown. See www.everyinsultandindignity.com.

To learn more about King’s Mountain National Military Park, go to their website….

The Hesse Kassel Jaeger Korps is a dedicated group who portrays an elite unit of the Germanic Hesse Kassel Jaegers, who fought for Briton during the American Revolution. They give many living history programs throughout the year. Look at their schedule on their website at… Be sure to scroll down the pages!


4 Responses to “The Ferguson Rifle at King’s Mountain National Military Park”
  1. Yellowbob says:

    Will be getting my Ferguson soon – We reenact the 43rd Light Regiment of foot (1803 – 1815) and the York Rangers (1793 – 1797) the rifle company of the later were in part issued with the remaining Ferguson Rifles….

  2. Rick Sheets says:

    Hello Yellowbob!,
    Thanks for your comment on the Ferguson Rifle. I went to your website and found it well organized and informative. Here is the link for those who want to see how the Brits handle living history… http://www.43rdmli.co.uk/

    I have had many from the UK come to my website, but you are the first to comment; thanks for that.

    Good luck with your Ferguson Rifle!

    Best regards,
    Rick Sheets

  3. Bryan Brown says:


    Let us know if you need help with your Ferguson, are you getting one built or making your own? I can provide tips on that as well as I built mine and an working on another for Kings Mountain NMP as well.

    Bryan K. Brown

    Alle künst ist umsunst wenn ein Engle auf dem Zundlocke brünst.

  4. Bryan Brown says:

    I would be most interested in any documentation you all may have on your units Ferguson Rifles. You can email me at bryankbrown@sprintmail.com

    Bryan K. Brown

    Alle künst ist umsunst wenn ein Engle auf dem Zundlocke brünst.

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