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Allen Martin Rifles

Allen Martin, originally of Lancaster County, Pa, is a well known maker of fine Pennsylvania Flintlock rifles. Since 1989, Allen has been building historically accurate interpretive reproductions from the 1760 to 1820 period. Allen builds rifles and fowlers using the best parts available and each gun is individually crafted to the finest standards and is custom fitted to each client.Allen is always looking for details found on original flint rifles of southeastern Pa that will be applied to his guns as well, thus making his work as authentic as can be achieved. Swengel, PA

Art and Arms, Ltd.

Larry Gardner is creating hand-crafted longrifles, combining precise technical and aesthetic considerations. Flintlock and percussion black powder muzzleloaders are built, embellished with correct engraving, silver wire and inlays, plus relief and incised carving.These are quality recreations of historic rifles of the Golden Age. Also specializing in the restoration of original rifles. Silver Spring, MD

Bailey Mercantile and Colonial Shop - Flintlock Rifles and Colonial Clothing

Jim Bailey's tent is a familiar site at black powder events on the east coast. Many do not know that Jim and his wife, Mary, have a store front in Fuquay-Varina, NC. Jim makes handcrafted longrifles to order and Mary is a superb Colonial style seamstress.Fuquay-Varina, NC

Bill (W.G.) Shipman GUNMAKER

William "Bill" Shipman is well known in the custom longrifle circle. He is known by his customers as the builder that delivers a well-researched and beautiful flintlock. Being from Lancaster, Bill has always favored Lancaster rifles, early and late, as well as rifles from the Lebanon area (in earlier times Lebanon was part of Lancaster County). Bill also likes rifles from the Hagerstown area of Maryland, Christian Hawken, George Kreps, and others. Lots of variety here. Recently, Lehigh Valley guns have caught Bill's interest and Bedford County rifles as well. Check out the website you will find American longrifles for the discriminating shooter and collector and extensive photos. Lancaster, PA

Black Hart Longarms

Edwin Parry is a maker of black powder flintlock and percussion cap muzzleloading Kentucky longrifles, pistols, muskets and fowlers. For over 30 years, he has honed the skills necessary to create handcrafted copies of long arms originally created in 1740-1840 by master Pennsylvania gunsmiths, such as J.P Beck, John Bonewitz, Adam Ernest, Frederick Sell, and others. Eastford, CT

Calvary Long Rifles (formerly Parker Firearms)

Jim Parker has had a passion for muzzleloaders since 1968 when he got his first antique "shooter." It was all over when he visited Dixie Gun Works in the early '70's. Jim has dedicated himself to creating and restoring longrifles since those early times. Formerly Parker Firearms, Calvary Long Rifles uses three crosses as the company logo. Jim puts the Lord first in his life and puts that passion into his work. Warrior, AL

Chuck Edwards Longrifles

Chuck Edwards builds Longrifles that look as if they were produced by the hand of an 18th Century Master Gunsmith.Chuck was born in 1961 and grew up near the small town of Bloomfield, Missouri. His shop is in one half of an original 1830 dogtrot log cabin that he dismantled, moved, and reconstructed on his own land.He has been building longrifles and pistols since 1987 and became a full-time builder in September of 2001. He was featured in the November/December 1999 and January/February 2001 issues of Muzzleloader magazine.Bloomfield, MO

Clay Smith

Clay Smith's slogan is, "Gunsmith of the Past, in the Present, building for the Future." Clay has been building black powder guns since 1972. In 1988 became a summer interpreter for the Gunshop at Colonial Williamsburg and has with Colonial Williamsburg ever since. After several years at both the blacksmith shop and the gunshop, Clay is now journeyman. Clay's website has examples of his flintlocks, bags and horns, including a firearm he created for Wes Studi. Williamsburg,VA

Curt Lyles Blacksmith Shop

Curt Lyles has been forging iron since 1991. A lot of his work has been making hinge and latch sets for colonial style structures. He also forges items such as fireplace cranes and utensils, sign brackets, camp cooking equipment, and forged iron mounts for longrifles. He makes knives, hatchets and leather goods and tries to find as much time as possible for hunting deer, turkey, and squirrels. His wife makes homemade lye soap and helps out along with his daughters on the homefront. Stop in for a visit if you're in the area (call first). Middlebury, IN

Custom Flintlock Rifles

Since 1975 Stronghand has been making the finest quality muzzleloading guns. Ye Armes Shoppe is one of the oldest custom gun shops in the Southwest and maintains the age old tradition of the great Germanic gunsmiths Albrecht & Dickert. Dallas, Texas

Custom Flintlocks

Mark Campbell creates all of his firearms one at a time. Mark starts with a piece of wood, not a pre-made stock. He fits every stock to an individual's pull, drop and cast off. Only the best parts and wood are used. Mark does not assemble kits. All manner of muzzle loaders are made to order. See Mark's website for pictures of his horns and guns. Kuna, ID

Dan Breitenstein Longrifle Shops

Breitenstein Longrifle Shops specializes in restoration and the conservation of longrifles, fowlers, and pistols that originated in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries. Dan also handcrafts traditionally correct contemporary longrifles of the Golden Age and southern mountain schools. Lynn Center, IL

Dillons Flintlocks

Dillons' Flintlocks was formally established in the winter of 2004. Father and son, Ed and Rich Dillon, choose the best hardware and hand-selected wood to go into their rifles. Classic designs rendered with files and scrapers plus nitric acid stains and period correct finishes create heirloom guns you can have now. The Dillon's rifles have won several ribbons at Dixon's Gunmakers Fair in Kempton, Pennsylvania. Have a look at their website. Effort, PA

Eitnier Rifles - Iron Mounted Southern Guns

Jerry has been building flintlock rifles since 1987. Most of his work is iron mounted with hand forged mounts. Jerry works mostly in the Woodbury School thanks to Hershel House. Jerry also builds a few old time looking knives & other things. THANKS FOR LOOKING! Hillsboro, Indiana

Embellishment and Engraving - "Craftsman to the Past"

A maker of fine heirloom quality objects from flintlock rifles to handwrought silver pieces. Mark wrote the chapter on embellishment in the book "Following the Tradition" by Gordon Barlow. His passion is the art of engraving and carving, whether it is a weapon, a fine powder horn, silver object or other interesting item you would want created. Mark's artwork is known for his eye for detail in his creations. A member of the Honourable Company of Horners his powder horns are recognized by the unique poem written by Mark and the precise detail incorporated into each piece he creates.The challenge is to create from an idea in ones mind into a tangible object of art, either plain or ornate, that will be passed on for generations to come. Dayton, Virginia

Eric and Erin Kettenburg - Flintlock Rifles and Redware Pottery

Creating truly authentic flintlock firearms and Redware pottery in the old Pennsylvania German tradition, our focus is upon the later Colonial and early Federal periods. We place a particular emphasis upon the material culture which was inherent to the region southeast of the “First” or Blue Mountain, encompassing present-day Berks, Lehigh and Northampton Counties. New Albany, PA

French Broad Longrifles

Brent Gurtek builds longrifles of Lehigh, Susquehanna, Nazareth county schools. Brent does not copy guns directly, but but uses originals as an influence. Duluth, MN

Gillespie Rifle Works

Dedicated to the study and building of Gillespie Rifles in the style of the original Gillespie Gun makers of East Fork NC.

Gobbler Knob Custom Muzzleloaders

Gobbler Knob Custom Longrifles are patterned after rifles built during the "Golden Age" of the Pennsylvania longrifle. Collector-Grade box calls are also a specialty.Montrose, PA

Harris Custom Flintlock Longrifles And Pistols

My name is Ken Harris im a gunmaker of flintlock rifles and pistols.I grew up in the backwoods of Mississippi hunting and fishing. I built my first muzzleloading rifle at age 15 that was about 26 years ago and i have been building flintlock rifles and doing repair work ever since for customers in my hometown.I build Jacob Dickert style rifles -- Andrew Verner/Bucks county and John Armstrong style rifles. Please visit the website to see samples of my work and our selection knife handle material available. Moss Point, Mississippi

Horns and Bags - Art DeCamp

Art DeCamp is well known for his work on historically accurate powder horns as well as one of a kind commemorative horns. Follow the website link to see the horn he created for the NRA president. Art is an officer for Honourable Company of Horners. Huntingdon, PA

Horns and Bags - History In The Making

Frank T. Willis knows horns and bags. He is a familiar face at Dixon's Gunmakers Fair as an accouterments judge and as a member of The Honourable Company of Horners. Frank makes the case that there are many correct variations of bags and horns. See his website to see a commemorative horn for the NMLRA and other works. Emmaus, PA

Horns and Bags - Jeff Bibb Pouches and Horns

Jeff Bibb creates Virginian and Southern Appalachian Pouches and Powder Horns. He has access to dozens of original specimens and studies them to replicate the look and feel of old pieces. Jeff's new creations have a well used look, but are fully functional. See his website. Monroe, VA

Horns and Bags - Ken Scott Pouches

Ken Scott's pouches are handcrafted, one of a kind pouches that look like 200 year old originals. His work is well known and is recognized by knowledgeable reenactors for its uniqueness, top of the line high quality, and attention to detail. Ken's work is probably the most collected of any living leather artist.Whether you need handmade hunting pouch, a leather bound journal, dip pens, watercolor sets or early American folk art, Ken is the artisan for you. Indianapolis, Indiana

Horns and Bags - Roaring Bull Leatherworks

Maker of fine, hand-sewn hunting and shooting pouches of 18th and 19th century design.

Horns and Bags - Shinin Times Powder Horns

Mark Preston with Shinin' Times Powderhorns creates one of a kind, contemporary engraved powderhorns that honor the traditions of times past yet acknowledge our times. The effort is a seamless blending of traditional architecture with highly detailed engraving impossible to execute in great great great great granddad's day. All it takes is time and attention to detail.Estero, FL

Horns and Bags - Wild Willy Custom Powder Horns & Scrimshaw

Wild Willie is a Master Horner with the Honorable Company of Horners. Willie's love of history, reenacting and interpreting history programs is evident in his horn work. Creating functional and correct powder horns is just the start of Wild Willie's work... antler-handled knives, sewing boxes, cups and other horn implements as well as Fraktur Art. See his website! Finleyville, Pennsylvania

Jack Brooks Longrifles

"Bridging the Gap Between Contemporary Long Rifles & Antique Rifles of Our American Heritage." Jack makes historically correct recreations of most types of muzzle loaders. He builds Kentucky rifles and pistols, fowlers, Indian trade guns and European style guns (including jaeger rifles).You have seen Jack's work in the movie "The Alamo" with Billy Bob Thornton. Englewood, CO

James Klein Custom Kentucky Rifles

Jim will expertly assemble Jim Chambers or Homer Dangler designed parts sets to your order. Homer Dangler stains and browning solution are available. Look at Jim's website; it has several clear photographs of his work. Fulton, MI

John DeWald, Horner and Scrimshander

I am a maker of powderhorns, wingbone turkey calls and other fine accoutrements of the 17th and 18th century. I can embellish these pieces with typical engraving or contemporary work. (Pennsylvania)

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