Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Canvas Bag made by David Robinson

This squirrel hunting rig was made by David Robinson for his .32 caliber rifle. It is a double bag of Mr. Robinson’s design and made from heavy cotton canvas with three coatings of beeswax, trimmed with deer skin and sewn with waxed linen thread. The pouch is lined with a vintage cotton cloth. The strap is buff leather and has a forged buckle and a buff leather patch knife sheath attached. The pouch measures 10 inches in width by 11 inches tall. The horn was made by Mark E. Elliott, who is a well known Virginia gunstocker and horner. The horn is 2 1/2 inches in diameter at the butt and 10 3/4 inches around the outside curve.

I really like pouches in canvas. I am sure this one will last a lifetime.

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Rick Sheets

John Shorb’s Personal Pouch and Horn

John Shorb knows horns! He is a Member of the Honourable Company of Horners and owner of Powder Horns and More. He is also a guest
John Shorb drilling horn tips.

author for BlackPowder411.com. Here is what John has to say about a personal pouch and horn of his creation:

“In 2001, I was getting read to go on a buffalo hunt and I decided I needed a good hunting bag that would compliment my English Sporting Rifle.  So, one afternoon, I sat down and started thinking about what features I wanted it to have.  I didn’t want it to be too big, but I didn’t want it to not be able to carry what I wanted, either.  It had to have a tie down flap and a belt loop as well so it wouldn’t be flopping around on my side.  I wanted it to carry a few speed loaders and some basic stuff, as well.  And it had to have a pocket on the strap that would carry a powder measure and a capper and a loop to carry a short starter as well.
So, I designed it with an accordion fold in the gusset so it could expand or contract according to the amount of stuff I was carrying.  It is built with a generous belt loop on the back and the strap is easily removable so it can even be carried as a belt bag.  The double pocket on the strap carries a Treso 40-200 grain adjustable measure and a Tedd Cash Musket Capper.  Inside the pouch are three loops to carry speed loaders in the main area and a back pocket to keep cleaning patches and a little tin of grease in.  A loop is sewn on the face of the bag to carry a musket size nipple wrench.  It is covered by the flap, which is secured with a lace that ties around a pewter button.  While hunting, I carry the speed loaders, an 800 grain round brass flask, a 2 OZ bottle of cleaning solvent, 3 extra round ball, 3 extra patches and 3 extra cushion wads so I can reload the speed loaders if needed.  I also carry a Leatherman’s tool and a Hawken Shop Flinter’s tool as well as a ball puller in the caliber I am shooting and a brass “T” handle for the ramrod.
In carrying on with the English motif, I discovered that Track of the Wolf sells an English style powder valve, similar to the old Dixon type.  I got one of those and affixed it to a horn.  I turned a maple base plug for it and installed a brass finial.  I feel the horn style is ideal for use with an English Sporting Rifle or a shotgun.”
I for one really like John’s personal rig. It is truly custom and tailored to a very specific function. John’s pouch is now available in a commercial version from October Country Muzzleloading and John can provide the same style horn from Powder Horns and More.

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Rick Sheets

Jeff Bibb Pouch and Horn together at last.

Rick Sheets with Jeff Bibb pouch and horn.

Hello Reader!,
This is Rick Sheets and I want to thank you for visiting or coming back to this blog. I am kicking off a new category called, “Show Us Your Rig!”

I will start it by showing off my Jeff Bibb Southern Pouch and Horn. Jeff made the pouch for me last year and the horn has followed a few weeks ago. They compliment each other perfectly and will never be separated.

The pouch started out as an English saddle that I skinned and sent the pieces to Jeff. He did a fantastic job of making a fringed Southern bag out of the parts. Jeff describes the horn as a single banded Carolina horn. The horn features a screw-off tip made of redbud wood and a pine stopper. Jeff can be reached through his website at: www.jeffbibbpouchesandhorns.com.

Please share pictures and a brief story about your kit. Just email the images and particulars of  the origin of your pouch and horn. If they are contemporary pieces, we need to give proper credit with contact information if the artisan is taking orders. Email: rick@blackpowder411.com.

Thanks for reading!, Rick Sheets