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“Thoughts on Loading & Firing a Flintlock Rifle… in the traditional manner.” A DVD Review.

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I have never met Don Bruton. But I have handled one of Don’s rifles that had been owned by my late friend Richard. When Richard had it made the criteria for its creation was simple; Richard wanted an early smooth rifle with English influence that could have been made by Squire Boone. Not only did he nail the request, but Don’s rendition was a flintlock smooth rifle that was trim, light and pointed like an upland shotgun. It was a gun that needed to be handled- a lot! But I am reviewing his DVD, Thoughts on Loading & Firing a Flintlock Rifle… in the traditional manner. I just had to brag on his gun building skills a little. (Don’s website shows his ‘smithing- samples of authentic leather goods, guns, hawks and knives are all there. A link to his website is provided below.)

Now here is my review. I got the DVD in the mail and was impressed with the cover art and the overall professional appearance of the packaging and the DVD itself. There was even an eight page leaflet of Don’s observations done in the style of an 18th Century broadside on parchment paper. Of course, the quality of packaging is not always a dependable predictor of the quality of content. But, I was not disappointed in any way.
First of all, Don is a veteran of portraying a longhunter for over forty years and he knows what works and lays it all out for the shooter. Don speaks with clear North Carolina accent as he demonstrates in his 18th Century skills. His kit is of his own making and his persona is believable in every way. Now that I think about it a little more, the DVD is not just for the shooter, but anyone who is interested in the history of the woodsman or longhunter. Even if you have been  portraying a longhunter yourself for a long time, you will enjoy Don’s impression and enthusiasm.

I just read a novel where the hero was using a longrifle. The author went into excruciating detail about loading and shooting and it was all wrong. He could have benefited from spending forty minutes with Don and getting it right!

I heartily recommend Thoughts on Loading & Firing a Flintlock Rifle… in the traditional manner.

The DVD is informative and fun to watch. The DVD covers loading and firing (including old time speed loading), cleaning in the traditional way (with worm and tow), the differences between the rifle and smooth bore and Don covers the longhunter‘s accouterments and how they were used. The outtakes at the end are good for a chuckle as well.

This DVD is ideal for giving as a gift as it looks nice on the outside too!

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Thoughts on Loading & Firing a Flintlock Rifle… in the traditional manner.
A 40 Minute DVD-Featuring Don Bruton
Price is $20.00 Includes shipping within the USA
Click Here to purchase the DVD from Don Bruton’s website.

Here is a one minute preview of Don’s DVD:

Don Bruton – Thoughts on Loading and Firing a Flintlock Rifle