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Ross Westgate, West Coast Builder

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I was poking around YouTube the other day and bumped into a video posted by Ross Westgate. The video showed a knowledgeable builder who is a member of the CLA living in Oregon.

Ross Westgate at the bench.

Ross got his first black powder rifle over thirty years ago and has been passionate about flintlock guns ever since. Ross is not just a builder; he enjoys competition at Rendezvous and informally with his buddies. Ross also takes deer and small game with his rifles.

Ross has been involved with the Pacific Primitive National Rendezvous since its beginning in 1992, a West Coast rendezvous taking place in June each year.

Ross began seriously building guns about seven years ago with his goal being to build guns authentic as possible.  Ross likes to build colonial guns that could have existed during the time period from the French and Indian war through the American Revolution. Ross’s favorites are Bucks county and early Lancaster county, Pennsylvania styles of longrifles. Ross will often add ivory inlays and decorate them with scrimshaw.

Ross does not build a lot of guns. He prefers to make flintlock arms in fewer numbers, assuring that they are authentic, good looking, and accurate.  Ross likes the idea that he is not only creating a gun for a customer, but making a family heirloom. Feel free to contact Ross through his website to discuss custom orders.

Ross Westgate lives in Paisley Oregon, a tiny rural town in South Eastern Oregon with access to abundant outdoor opportunities. Please do watch his video below to see some beautiful work and beautiful country.

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Rick Sheets

Please see  www.rosswestgate.net for more pictures and information.

Ross Westgate’s Personal Rifle

Ross Westgate Sliding Patchbox

Ross Westgate Cheek Side

Ross Westgate Federal Eagle

Westgate Black Powder Rifles


One Response to “Ross Westgate, West Coast Builder”
  1. Tac Foley says:

    Me and Mrs. Tac are frequent visitors to Oregon from UK, and I’m a very keen shooter of older guns, having eighteen in my little collection. I’d love to own one of Mr Westgate’s beautiful creations, but I’m stuck here in UK in a county that limits you to sixteen – my eighteen were all owned before they changed the rules…

    Guess I’ll have to carry on dreaming.

    Beautiful work, Mr. Westgate, great envy is mine!

    Best wishes,

    Tac Foley

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