Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Recreating the 18th Century Hunting Pouch by T.C. Albert

I have been a lover of nice flintlock guns since I was just a kid. However, a real appreciation of the same qualities in accouterments like pouches and horns followed later. At one time a nice gun and just any old bag and horn would do (not so, now). Be warned! Once you associate with folks who produce good stuff, your kit will look different to you and an upgrade will be in order!

Some of us figure out a way to buy quality items for our hobby and some actually make them. I fall into the first category. But I wanted to try to make a bag. And that is how this review of Tim Albert’s book, Recreating the 18th Century Hunting Pouch came about.

First of all the book is published by Track of the Wolf, Inc. The pictures and layout live up the quality one expects from them. Super pictures and patterns are found throughout. Tim’s writing is clear and concise. Nothing is left out. All you need is the book, supplies and a few hand tools.

The book is softbound with 123 (8.5 x 11 inch) pages. The paper has a quality shine to it. The color photos are by the same guys who photograph for the Track of the Wolf website, so you know what to expect!

I mentioned that the book leaves nothing out. I am not kidding. The content includes: tools, types of leather, setting up your workspace, cutting, constructing, attaching everything and dyeing the pouch and strap. As a bonus, Tim shows you how to make and attach a knife sheath and an optional gusset as part of the pouch body. Antiquing techniques are also shown.

The book features pictures and notes about many originals and variations for the novice builder. I took various elements from a few different pouches in the book to make mine. In retrospect, I should have followed Tim’s directions on North Hampton county pouch and built that bag precisely to the instructions. This would have made the process easier I am sure. And I probably would have wound up with a better looking bag!

If you want to try to make a pouch from scratch, this is the book for you. Even if you have made a few bags, I am sure you will pick up some useful tips.

The process of learning to make a pouch was enjoyable and I gained a new respect for the leather worker who does this for a living.

The book can be purchased from Scurlock Publishing using this link.

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By the way, I used leather from www.leatherbythepiece.com to make my pouch. Their typical 5-6 ounce leather is a bit too heavy for most pouches, but often they will have some 3-4 ounce leather in stock even if it is not on their website. Email them through their site; they are nice people.

The buckles were obtained from http://www.buckleguy.com . They have a good selection and their website is easy to use.


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