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Every Insult and Indignity: The Life Genius and Legacy of Major Patrick Ferguson

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Ricky Roberts and Bryan Brown sporting their Ferguson Rifles at Loch Norman at the Highland Games 2010.

“Every Insult and Indignity”
The Life, Genius and Legacy of Major Patrick Ferguson by Ricky Roberts and Bryan Brown

I had the pleasure reading the  trade paperback version (with color photos and illustrations) of this new book by Ricky Roberts and Bryan Brown. It is 235 pages of lively information and photographs on the Ferguson rifle and it’s developer Major Patrick Ferguson. It is written in a very conversational manner as you would expect from these two old-school flintlock shooters and experimental archeologists!

What I really like about this book on the first “assault rifle” is the authors’ rigorous methods in their first-hand research on the care, loading and cleaning of the gun. They even have replicated Ferguson’s original testing for the Crown. Further, the book challenges our common belief of the boogeymen, Tarleton and Ferguson, during our Revolutionary War. What a read!

Finally, was the Ferguson Ordinance Rifle at The Battle of King’s Mountain? I am not sure, but read what Mr. Roberts and Mr. Brown have to say about that.

One thing is for sure, thanks to the efforts of the authors, Revolutionary War scholars will have a bit to think about and have to adjust what they say in the future.

Thanks for reading,
Rick Sheets

PS: I am pleased to announce that the definitive book on the Ferguson rifle is now available from Ricky Roberts and Bryan Brown. See www.everyinsultandindignity.com.

I hope you enjoy this one minute video of Ricky Roberts shooting the Ferguson Rifle.

Ricky Roberts Ferguson Rifle Timed Fire at King's Mountain National Military Park

Ferguson Rifle at Kings Mountain

Image courtesy of the National Park Service.

CLICK HERE for a short article from the NPS on the Ferguson rifle at King’s Mountain.


3 Responses to “Every Insult and Indignity: The Life Genius and Legacy of Major Patrick Ferguson”
  1. Bryan Brown says:

    Rick, thank you for your time and support on this project and your kind review. As well as for hosting this fine resource for shooters and black powder enthusiasts.

    • Rick Sheets says:

      Bryan, You are most welcome for the review. I have been a fan of the Ferguson rifle since I was a young adult of 21. I saw the mechanism of a Ferguson on John Braxton’s workbench. (As you know, Mr. Braxton made a Ferguson rifle for King’s Mountain Military Park when their rifle was stolen back in the 1960′s.) And I have been enthralled with the gun and its story ever since. You and Ricky have done Maj. Ferguson and his rifle justice. I can’t wait to see the new scholarship your book will inspire.
      Rick Sheets

  2. Ricky Roberts says:

    Rick, This is an outstanding review! Thanks a bunch,


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