Tuesday, February 20, 2018

About Us

Black Powder 411 is an online directory for the black powder community. It is a place for contemporary builders, gunmakers and other primitive arm artisans to list their businesses and specialties. Our Parts-Kits-Services-Sutlers section includes Civil War suppliers too.

Attention Builders, Horners, Knife and Tomahawk Makers and Leather Workers!
To the Artisans out there looking to increase their visibility on the web, the basic Find Builder listing is free! Just click on List Your Biz and follow the directions. We ask for your address; that information becomes part of the search criteria. Your address will not actually be displayed. (Unless you add it to the description of your business.) Be sure to spell out your state. When the buyer is searching you out, you will want to come-up in your state. We allow you to list your website as well! All at no charge.

If you need a full website for your business, I do that too. Websites For Sale

All submissions are reviewed and most are approved by the editor. It might take a few days for your submitted listing to show up. Thanks.

A note to those searching for the right artisan for your project:
Be as specific or general as you like in searching the Find Builder Directory. You can even look at all of the businesses in alphabetical order. Have fun in using this online directory. Feedback is appreciated.